Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Critical Assessment: The Office (A brief assessment)

Initially, upon discovering The Office's existence, I pondered why anyone in their right fucking mind would ever want to watch a show based on an office full of workers? But then, I gave it a chance, and watched it. I kind of realized two things at that moment. 1. Steve Carell (sp?.) is insanely good at making moments awkward. 2. I realized that this kind of comedy is the stuff the USA needs. I mean, sure -- Family Guy is funny. But a cartoon can only do so much for me in terms of amusement and ability to relate to the actual plot/characters. And The Office has such a different mood. You get lost in the humor and it makes you forget about how shitty this world really is. Moving onto my main point, why the hell hasn't there been a new episode in months? It was a weekly basis thing, then all of the sudden they just stop making episodes. I'm getting pissed. I'm gonna go check if their site has any new episodes out. 

So, I just checked. Nope.. Same shit. I now realize it's been 3 months since the last new episode. What the hell, NBC?

And so it begins.

First blog ever. I feel critical assessments are necessary for everything, really. If there were never critical assessments, then how could we possibly expect to evolve intellectually as human beings? 

Anyway, on a less philosophical note -- this post exists for one reason only. To review a game. Well, it's more of my take on the game. Not really a review. Or maybe it is. Whatever. Anyway; the game is Fallout 3, developed by Bethesda Studios. 

The story is about you, a human living in an apocalypse proof underground vault, somewhere near Washington, DC. To put it simply, things get bad and you're forced to emerge to the hostile wasteland. Right off the bat, you play this game and immediately you're submerged into a level of depth that you don't commonly experience with video gaming. You start off as a kid, and watch things play out in the Vault, immediately it's foreshadowed that things are going to get progressively worse throughout the game, which they sort of do. Anyway, as I said before you emerge eventually and are forced to survive in the wasteland with not much more than a BB gun and a Baseball bat. (Of course, you gain more weapons and armor along the way.) Combat is amusing, the gameplay is great, for an RPG. Though, the shooting system lacks realism. I noticed I'd be clicking fifteen times and only fire around 10 shots. But it's made up for by the V.A.T.S targeting system. This method of combining RPG elements with a first person shooting feel is a surprisingly awesome one. The open world actually makes you feel like you're in the Fallout world. So much to do, however you wish. The way the game plays out is all up to you.

Basically, Fallout 3 is awesome. It has a great story, good graphics, good voice acting, the makers of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, intense gore, and amusing effects. Go pick it up. What are you waiting for?..

I know what I'm waiting for. Fallout : New Vegas. But that's a blog entry for another time.