Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Critical Assessment: The Office (A brief assessment)

Initially, upon discovering The Office's existence, I pondered why anyone in their right fucking mind would ever want to watch a show based on an office full of workers? But then, I gave it a chance, and watched it. I kind of realized two things at that moment. 1. Steve Carell (sp?.) is insanely good at making moments awkward. 2. I realized that this kind of comedy is the stuff the USA needs. I mean, sure -- Family Guy is funny. But a cartoon can only do so much for me in terms of amusement and ability to relate to the actual plot/characters. And The Office has such a different mood. You get lost in the humor and it makes you forget about how shitty this world really is. Moving onto my main point, why the hell hasn't there been a new episode in months? It was a weekly basis thing, then all of the sudden they just stop making episodes. I'm getting pissed. I'm gonna go check if their site has any new episodes out. 

So, I just checked. Nope.. Same shit. I now realize it's been 3 months since the last new episode. What the hell, NBC?


  1. The Office is a god tier show. I love it

  2. Might be taking a break for a while, who really knows.

  3. Man, I really should buy (read: download, Lol) The Office. I only watched it casually, but it was good stuff.

  4. I still don't know whether i like Office UK or USA the most.

  5. I never saw the appeal in The Office.
    Then again I think awkward humor is the worst.


  6. i knew this show for a lange time and i love it, too.
    great and funny show

  7. I tried watching all the seasons in one month, and i came to the conclusion that i want Steve Carell to suffer a painful death lol. Hes alright at times i guess.
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